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Your Appointment

A home visiting service - at a time that suits you

At Oxon Mobile Microsuction, we’re committed to providing you with high quality care in a compassionate and caring atmosphere. With a range of appointment days and times, including evenings and weekends, our highly trained and experienced clinicians bring the skills and expertise to the comfort of your own home.


One of our friendly clinicians will start by taking some clinical history in relation to your ear-care needs and confirm your details are correct. A full ear examination will follow, using otoscopy, which involves an in-depth examination of the ear itself, the ear canal and tympanic membrane, in order to establish a specific treatment plan, and to exclude other causes.

After the examination, our clinician will outline a recommended course of action. If a microsuction procedure is required, this will provided at the same time.

What to expect during your appointment

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